we work with our clients to support the design and delivery of business intelligence and data analytics strategies, processes and capability.

Our work transforms an organisation’s data into usable and trusted insights, foresight and actionable intelligence that informs strategic and tactical decisions, business operations and ultimately improves performance.

Our business intelligence consulting service comprises:

  • Business Intelligence target operating model and organisation design

  • Change management and implementation support

  • Business Intelligence organisation maturity assessment

    User requirements development

  • Advanced data analytics - predictive forecasting, machine learning

  • Training, coaching, knowledge transfer and facilitation

We deliver benefit to our clients through:

  • Enabling  managers to make informed and robust decisions, to respond and plan future strategies

  • Improving customer and organisational insight and foresight

  • Enabling a single version of the truth

  • Clear connection between strategy, business targets and objectives, and performance.

  • Ensuring accessible and easily assimilated complex business information, presented in a common language.