We couple engineering and data science expertise to address complex operational problems through harnessing the power of industrial data.

We are able to generate powerful insights and predictions to improve the way industry operates. We develop custom solutions tailored to specific user needs.

Our services

We have developed long term relationships with significant clients and the University of Southampton, based upon a history of successful project outcomes and continuous innovation.

Some of our work includes:

  • Adverse event prediction through classification algorithms using data collected from industrial plants enabling implementation of a predictive maintenance strategy

  • Interactive visualisations of historic and current plant data yielding powerful insights to guide operational decision making.

  • Trend detection and forecasting to predict future component condition.

  • Optimisation of asset maintenance through system health analysis to reduce costs and keep industry active for longer.

We work closely with leading academic institutions and industrial partners and are at the forefront of machine learning and advanced analytical research. We develop our own leading-edge proprietary analytical tools, which form the foundation of our service.

Our toolkit is rapidly deployable, enabling custom solutions to be developed quickly and efficiently to minimise the time from inception to operational insight, without the need for training, specialist software or capital expenditure.